O-D Students Perform Well on ECA Tests

 The End of Course Assessment (ECA) test results at Oregon-Davis Schools have the administration excited about the progress the students are making in Math and English/Language Arts. The ECAs are taken at the end of the school year to measure student growth.

Superintendent Greg Briles boasted the efforts of the 10th grade students.

“Our Algebra ECA passing percentage is 74. We’re raising the bar in this area. We had 37 of 50 kids passing. Two of the students who didn’t pass were within five points, and four of the students were within 35 points. We’re very excited about the direction we’re going with our ECA scores and the progress of our students,” said Briles.

Briles says the English/Language Arts scores were even better.

“We had 36 out of 42 students passing which is 86 percent passing. Eighty-eight percent of the testers showed mastery in the writing applications and 100 percent of the female testers passed the test.”

Even students retaking the test showed an average gain of 57 points, according to Briles.

He noted that the ECA results show the hard work of the teachers and the students.