Obtainable Option for Further Education

puThe People’s University of Marshall County is a learning center that teams up with local businesses to offer specialized classes for interested individuals of all ages. Currently, People’s U is seeking potential students and instructors as well as new ideas for desired courses. A meeting of minds is set to take place tomorrow at 11:30 am EST  in the Life Enrichment Center located at 1305 West Harrison Street in Plymouth. Going into its 7th year of operation, People’s U focuses on offering a variety of classes that personally appeal to citizens. There are courses in history, literature, finance, computer science, digital media, heath and fitness, as well as more creative classes such as water colors, creating comics and digital photography, just to name a few. Some courses are offered for free, while others charge for supplies but the price varies from class to class. School is in session starting after labor day. If you’re interested in attending Wednesday’s luncheon RSVP today by calling 574-936-9904. However if you’re unable to attend the luncheon but are still interested in receiving more information contact Marshall County Council on Aging.