Pulaski County Continues HCI Project with Community Forum


Pulaski County had a strong showing for collecting surveys, but now additional information needs to be gathered.

As part of its Hometown Collaborative Initiative, Pulaski County’s oversight committee will be hosting a community forum. The forum will allow community members to better explain their answers on the survey, as well as find out more about what other residents prioritize.

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Director Nathan Origer says community involvement is necessary.

“We wouldn’t have undertaken this if we just wanted it to be our own pet project, we want it to be something where the community is really involved in having a say in making Pulaski County a better place to call home,” says Origer.

HCI efforts are being undertaken due to the receipt of grant funds. Information gleaned from the survey and community forum will be turned into action for future projects.

During the May 7th community forum, several roundtable discussions are expected to take place on a variety of subjects.

Origer says the topics are broad for a reason.

“We want to hear what residents have to say about the quality of life in the community, about the status of the economy an economic development, about leadership without limiting them or scripting too much of it,” says Origer.

The HCI oversight committee will be meeting after the community forum to compare the information gathered from the surveys and forums to what is in various comprehensive plans around Pulaski County.

The Community Forum will take place May 7th at 5:30 at Bethel Bible Church. Participants are encouraged to register for the event online.