SCILL Center to Honor Graduating Students

SCILLThe Starke County Initiative for Lifelong Learning is hosting an award ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of their 2015 class. The program takes place tonight at 1300 Kloeckner Drive in the Knox Industrial Park and will commence at 6 pm (CST) .

Representatives from the schools that send students to SCILL and family members are invited to attend the event where 27 students from both the welding and automotive vocational programs will receive recognition for their hard work and dedication. Graduating students not only receive certification through the program but walk away with college credits as well.

Since 1999 SCILL has been providing useful learning opportunities to members of the community. Currently ten schools in the surrounding area send students to the SCILL center including Knox High School, O.D, North Judson San-Pierre, Rochester, Culver, Plymouth, Argos, Laville, John Glen and Triton.

Coordinator of student services and programs, Jerry Gurrado considers this program to be distinctly unique,
“More and more people are getting to know about us but its something that Starke County can take a great deal of pride in because there is nothing like SCILL any place around. There are training centers but as far as one that is all inclusive, there is no other SCILL center type organization.”

Though this evening the focus is on the achievements of the high school students, the SCILL center also offers classes for adults as well. Gurrado feels the skills acquired from the program are immensely useful to people of all ages,
“We have an awful lot of folks who are kind of scratching their head about, ‘where do I go? I’m in a minimum wage job, if any job at all.’ One of the things we take great pride in, especially with our adult program, is that we take an awful lot of folks off the unemployment dole, off the welfare and food stamp dole and into some good paying jobs. Plus it is something their very passionate about and something they can feel a great sense of accomplishment about.”

Aside from learning a vocation, SCILL helps people with resume building, interview skills and promotes promptness and good attendance to assure students are ready for the real world. Whether it is an adult learner or a high school student, the skills acquired through this program can assist in landing a job, attending college or just sharpening your workforce skills. Further information can be found on the SCILL website.