Starke County Youth Club Summer Enrichment Focuses on STEM


Youngsters who take part in this year’s Starke County Youth Club summer enrichment programs will get to put lessons in science, technology, engineering and math skills to use. Executive Director Irene Szakonyi says they provide critical thinking skills.

“They need to be able to problem solve in order to be successful, healthy adults. They need to be able to attack a problem, design a solution and not get intimidated if the solution doesn’t work. They need to have some grit to them that enables you to keep going. When at first you don’t succeed, they try and try again and finally succeed. That’s amazing,” Szakonyi said.

She added youngsters develop those skills in a hands-on setting by doing science experiments like designing roller coasters or making solar ovens. This year the SCYC is using curriculum developed by NASA for the summer enrichment programs.

Starke County Youth Club participants, instructors and board members will take to the WKVI airwaves today for the Eighth Annual Starke County Youth Club/WKVI Radiothon. Szakonyi says they hope to raise $50,000 in donations and pledges this year. Visit their website, to learn more.