Starke Republicans Meeting to Assess Candidates for Office

Republican Party Elephant
Republican Party Elephant

Following May’s Primary Municipal Election, the Starke County Republicans now have a few decisions to make.

The contested races during May’s primary in Knox were limited to Democrats seeking seats on the City Council. Members of the Starke County Republicans, however, still have several weeks to find nominees.

Starke County Republican Party Chair Brenda Stanojevic says there’s a process for finding potential candidates.

“We are going through the paperwork that I got from the Clerk’s office, looking up Republicans to try and find people that might be interested in running,” says Stanojevic.

A few incumbents on the Knox City Council were upset during the primary, but those receiving the most votes must now win the seat in the General Municipal Election.

The Republican Party in Starke County – while still in the process of finding candidates to fill the ballot – have scheduled a meeting Tuesday night to help finalize a list.

Stanojevic says the party largely puts its attention on residents that first express an interest in running for the seat.

“We will usually meet with them in person, however, people sometimes do come and ask to run, it’s not like we always have to recruit,” says Stanojevic.

According to the party chair, the focus isn’t necessarily on North-Judson and Hamlet as candidates have already come forward.

Knox is considered a bit different when attempting to find candidates. The Republican Party in Starke County has until July 6th to submit names to run on the November ballot.