Town Council Considers Pricing for Section of Winamac Parkway

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Town of Winamac furthered discussions on a project that looks to create walking trails in the community.

During Monday night’s Town Council meeting, pricing for a section of the Winamac Parkway was reviewed. That walking trail is being developed along with other similar projects.

Grant funds were received that will help carry the Winamac Parkway from Pearl Street to Highway 14. Town Manager Brad Zellers says the Town has already been working to limit costs.

“Originally that trail was going to be, we talked about it last month, it was going to be 12-foot wide,” says Zellers. “We narrowed it down to 10-foot and that took several thousand dollars off.”

The grant received helps provide $61-thousand to provide concrete and other materials for the Pearl Street portion of the project.

No decisions have been made by the Town Council, but bids for the project were reviewed on Monday. By dividing costs among the companies that submitted bids, the Town of Winamac believes it could experience a significant cost savings.

Costs remain relatively high due to intersections that must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Five intersections in the Pearl Street portion of the Winamac Parkway will cost more than $20-thousand.

Zellers says ADA laws change almost every year.

“Some of the ADA’s that we’ve done throughout town five years ago do not meet today’s requirements for ADA. It changes every year a little bit,” says Zellers.

No action was taken by the Town Council on Monday night, though considerations were made whether to even use ADA grant funds in the project.

There is currently no timeline for the work’s completion.