Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade Leads Summer Projects at O-D

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingSome extensive projects will be in the works this summer at the Oregon-Davis School Corporation.

Thanks to the federal E-Rate Program, Superintendent Greg Briles says the wireless access and switches will be upgraded in both school buildings.

“As our technology has changed, so must the infrastructure,” explained Briles. “We’re very fortunate with our E-Rate. It comes to us with an 80 percent discount on the actual cost. It will cost $100,000 for both buildings to be upgraded. Through the federal government plan, they will pay for $80,000 of that and our corporation will be responsible for only $20,000.”

The amount of the discount provided by the federal government in the E-Rate Program is based upon the school corporation’s free and reduced student population. Oregon-Davis reports that 60 percent of the student population receives free and reduced textbooks. That statistic puts the school in the category to receive an 80 percent discount for telecommunication services.

The school board also approved work done to the pool that suffered damage over the winter. Carpet will also be replaced in the elementary school. Superintendent Greg Briles says the elementary school restrooms will also get a new look.

“The original restrooms from the 1981-1982 construction will be replaced. We’re going to be going in and putting in new sinks and faucets. We’ll also upgrade our locker rooms at the elementary school. It’s all original equipment. There are stalls in there that have worn out over several years of use.”

The projects will start soon as the school year is nearly over.