Changes to Novice Driver Laws Take Effect July 1st

AAAJuly 1st can often mark the implementation of new laws in the Hoosier State.

Changes were recently made to “novice driver laws.” According to information from AAA, teenagers who complete a driver’s education course can get their probationary license at age “16 and 90 days.”

Those without a driver’s education course, however, will be unable to receive a probationary license until they have reach “16 years and 270 days,” according to the changes.

 Because teens are expected to complete a 50-hour driving log, they can now only complete the log with the help of a licensed driver education instructor, a certified driver rehabilitation specialist, or a licensed driver aged 25 or older.

Other restrictions have now been placed on drivers under the age of 21, including disallowing the use of mobile phones, restrictions on nighttime driving, and restricting the number of passengers allowed in their vehicles.