Classroom Conversion Possible for Health Clinic in Knox Schools

Knox-School-Board-2014Preliminary discussions continue to take place between the Knox School Corporation and a company called Wellness for Life.

During Monday night’s School Board meeting, representatives of the company presented plans to reopen a health clinic in a classroom at Knox Schools.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa says things are up-in-the-air at this point.

“The owners of the building, they have other plans for it,” says Gappa. “So if the lease runs out, we would need another location and one of the possibilities is to convert a classroom into the clinic’s location.”

Knox Schools is part of the Trust which is also made up of other locations in Porter and Lake Counties.

The company has a similar classroom arrangement with schools in Spencer, Indiana that allow them to render health services to those in need. Plans have not been finalized at this point, and are considered to be in their early stages.

Gappa says something would still need to happen soon.

“We do have a Trust meeting coming up early next week and that will be discussed at the meeting,” says Gappa. “Usually we have a Superintendent and a teacher represented at the corporations that are involved in it, so we do have a Trust meeting coming up.”

The lease for the Wellness for Life in Knox is set to expire in the fall. A change of location could occur around that time.

No action was taken by the Knox School Board.