Clean-up Begins After Weekend Tornado

 Following weekend storms in Starke County, the clean-up process will now begin.

Officials with the National Weather Service were able to confirm an EF-1 Tornado touched down in western Starke County. Wind speeds were estimated at a maximum of 95 miles per hour.

Damage was seen to trees, crops, and residential structures. Starke County Emergency Management Agency Director Ted Bombagetti says he’s been working with insurance companies to assess the damage.

“The primary job right now is to get at least the driveways open for folks so they can get back to work and do what they have to do. Most of the homes involved, the trees are covering their driveways so basically a lot of them can’t event get away from their homes right now,” says Bombagetti.

It took some time for NWS officials to assess the damage from the weekend storms.

Dozens of trees were uprooted in the 6250 block of 400 South and a shed was damaged. A garage was also moved off its foundation. Area residents also experienced damage to roofing.

Clean-up of the damaged sites in Starke County could take weeks. Bombagetti says most insurance companies will hire a professional.

“If you choose to do it yourself for any reason, just be extra careful because the roofs may not be totally intact, you could have loose drywall, insulation is going to be wet,” says Bombagetti. “So consider changing out your insulation so you don’t get the mold effect.”

Insufficient damage was seen to make a disaster declaration.

Still, potential business scams that track storms may see western Starke County as an area to target. Bombagetti say contract with companies you know or have a direct recommendation from.