Consideration for Additional Positions at Eastern Pulaski Community School Approved

 During their meeting earlier this week, the Eastern Pulaski School Board entertained the idea of adding a few extra positions to their payroll. The school is looking to add a director of curriculum and assessment as well as two summer employees for manual labor.

Superintendent Dan Foster said the director of curriculum and assessment position was mainly addressed in order to start a conversation about what exactly that job would entail. Currently the responsibilities of curriculum development fall onto various members of the staff in the different schools. Hiring someone for this position would streamline those responsibilities and potentially fix problems with inconsistency. No definite decision about incorporating this position into the school was made but the idea seemed to go over favorably with the board.

The summer employees, however, will be needed as soon as possible to help assist ongoing maintenance. So far the current custodial staff has been doing a majority of the work involved with building renovations but it is starting to cut into their summer duties such as lawn care. The board unanimously approved the addition of the two positions in order to keep renovations and regular maintenance on track.