Eastern Pulaski School Board Amends School Calendar


Over the past few years, due to make up days for winter weather conditions, the end of the year over at the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation has been hectic. This year graduation happened to fall on the same day as the last school day. This puts a lot of excess unneeded pressure on older students. During last night’s school board meeting a decision was reached to incorporate a few extra school days into the calendar to avoid the same issues next school year.

The coming school year already comes with an extra day built in that schools don’t receive on non-leap years but superintendent Dan Foster suggested having students come in on the 21rst and 22nds of December as well as April 22 which was previously a built in contingency day. The proposal was presented to the calendar planning committee and received mixed reviews, which is why Foster brought it to the board. Though there was some discussion over whether or not there could be potential truancy issues, Foster explained these days would just be presented as any other school days that students would be expected to attend. The board unanimously approved the action to amend the 2015/16 school calendar.