Exhibitors Showcase Pygmy Goats During Weekend Fairgrounds Event


The 4-H Fairgrounds will be covered with goats this weekend.

Around 15 exhibitors, mostly from Indiana, will be showing pygmy goats. The event will take place Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning in Hamlet.

Brittany Allen is the Show Chair, putting her in charge of the show operations and paperwork. She says showing pygmy goats is similar to other animals.

“The [National] Pygmy Goat Association is more lax, it’s not as business like, it’s not as professional,” asys Allen. “It’s more of a hobby… so it’s more for fun.”

Judges have been invited from around the country to help evaluate animals in the competition. Judging criteria can vary, but often depends on the health of the goat and its grooming. The exhibitors can enter several goats to show if they choose.

Allen has been a member of the National Pygmy Goat Association for about two years. In that time, she has learned about goat anatomy and a few of their characteristics by working on a goat farm.

She says getting the goats show ready means clipping their hair and hooves.

“It’s a good experience,” says Allen. “It’s fun to watch. It’s definitely a learning experience.”

Ages of the exhibitors varies.

The event is open to the public for those who wish to view the judging process.