First Phase of Winamac Parkway Nears Completion

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The first section of the Winamac Parkway is getting closer to being finished. Members of the committee in charge of the recreational trail told the Winamac town council Monday that if it were not for rainy weather, construction would have already been done.

Some council members were concerned with the path’s winding design, with Dan Vanaman calling it a “waste of the right of way.”

Members of the committee pointed out that this layout allows for the installation of amenities like picnic areas and community gardens. They also said the design made it easier to obtain a grant for the project.

The trail is already proving popular with residents. They say runners have already begun using the trail, and residents have been asking how to donate for benches and trees. The committee members offered to serve as a “clearinghouse” for donations and to coordinate the scheduling of events using the trail.

The town council unanimously approved the proposal, on the condition that the group informs the council of its activities. There are plans to host a grand opening for the Parkway in August or September.