Hamlet Native Publishes Memoir of Growing Up in Starke County

My Early Years, Volume 1A man who grew up in Hamlet, went to school and worked there, before completing college, earning a PHD, and going on to a career, Michael S. Haro, has written a autobiography of his early years in the northern Starke County town.

Haro’s family owned and operated a restaurant, now known as Waymire’s and the next door bowling alley, Haro Lanes. His 125-page literary effort is filled with pictures of local people and stories of living in Hamlet in the 1940-1960’s era.

Now 72, and living in Texas, he used the efforts in putting down his memories to begin “living again” after an illness and career failure.

Anyone who has lived the Hamlet area will find the book full of memories of their own. It’s available from Amazon.