Ideas Taking Shape for Potential New Hospital

IU HealthAn exchange of ideas has led to the development of ideas for what could be a new hospital in Knox.

A committee of about 12 individuals, consisting of staff from IU Health Starke and their architects, has been putting their thoughts to paper for a future hospital. The committee presented their ideas on Friday to gathered staff.

Director of Patient Care Services Janet Gillon says the development of a major undertaking is a long process.

“You have to believe that by going through these steps, the outcome will be better than if you had just jumped to the solution,” says Gillon.

Although Starke County owns the current hospital site, it was mentioned several times during the presentation an upgrade in facilities could lead to better employee satisfaction. That could lead to better community care.

Finding efficiency in the operations and layout of a new hospital building was considered key. By optimizing floor space, the healthcare group could potentially save on additional costs that accompany the square footage.

Director of Emergency Management Josephine Klicek says some of that efficiency has to do with the proximity of certain care divisions with others.

“As we built things, we tried to look at: yes, it has to be efficient for the patient, it has to be efficient for the colleagues, it has to be efficient for the providers,” says Klicek. “Those were our watchwords all week long. It’s about efficiency, about steps, and about time.”

Architects will be working with the committee’s ideas for the next several months.

Though the estimate is not set in stone, building and site costs could run IU Health around $13-million.