LaCrosse Feed Mill Explosion Ruled Accidental

Boom 28The April 16th explosion at a LaCrosse grain elevator that sent four employees to the hospital was accidental. That’s according to a report from the state fire marshal.

The blaze originated in the basement of the facility. The cause could not be determined but may have been slipping of a belt, an electrical malfunction in wiring or static electricity. LaCrossee Fire Chief Aaron Rust says the initial fire ignited dust in different areas, causing three to four explosions within the elevator.

Co-Alliance Chief Executive Officer Kevin Still says the four injured employees have been released from treatment facilities and are recovering from their injuries.

Safety and Risk Manager Shawn Lambert says the company is committed to cleaning up the site as soon as demolition bids are evaluated and the site is released by regulators and insurance carriers. He anticipates it will be cleared before the end of the summer.