Legislators Prepare for Summer Study Sessions

Indiana Statehouse
Indiana Statehouse

Indiana’s Senate Democrats are gearing up for the 2015 summer study committees.

Among the topics is replacing ISTEP with a new state standardized educational assessment. Typically the summer study sessions indicate some of the top issues legislators may consider in the next legislative session.

2015 was expected to be an “education session,” as Governor Mike Pence called it. Educators have been consistently asking for reduced test times, but area teachers and administrators have also expressed frustrations that tests keep changing. Changing data may prevent adequate tracking of student progress.

Legislators will also investigate body cameras for police officers and the production of hemp oil in the Hoosier State.

State Senator Jim Arnold’s offices made note of the lack of study sessions dedicated to anti-discrimination protections for members of the LGBT population. The statements follow passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which gained national attention.

Interim committees will review several topics each during the study sessions.