Local Eagle Scout Develops Horticulture Project for Pulaski Inmates

Pulaski County Justice Center
Pulaski County Justice Center

Land at the former Pleasant View Rest Home in Pulaski County could soon play host to fruit trees.

As part of an Eagle Scout Project, Jacob Conner with Boy Scout Post #229 in Winamac intends to work with jail facility inmates to plant the trees and set-up a program that allows them to harvest the crops.

According to Conner, inmates will learn a skill while incarcerated.

“The current garden has fresh veggies during the growing season, but not fresh fruits and that would be a nice reward for them for working in said orchard,” says Conner.

Excess food could be donated to the extension office or local food banks.

Conner says he will be donating books on horticultural projects along with apple, peach, and pear trees. The parcel where the Rest Home is located contains 1.5 acres. Plans are currently to utilize the space between the two barns for the trees, allowing them to be planted about 15 feet apart.

Conner says finding funds to complete the project will be a challenge.

“The best estimate I have so far will be around $600 and this will include everything to get them established,” says Conner. “Fertilizer, mulch, the trees themselves, and the tools will be donated from the volunteers.”

Fundraising is expected to start next week.

8-1-1 would need to be called to check for utility lines. The trees are expected to be planted at some point in the fall once temperatures cool.