Pulaski County Commissioners Consider Start of Courthouse Renovations

Pulaski County CourthouseConsiderations have been made for some time, but weeks of side comments during meetings has led a first step to be taken when it comes to renovating the Pulaski County Courthouse.

During Monday evening’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, it was learned that an engineering firm will appear in Winamac to get an overview for the courthouse renovations. Plans are still in their preliminary stages.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston says the work is comprehensive.

“That’s the interior, the exterior of the courthouse as well as the other locations,” says Johnston. “This includes the annex being built on the back of the building.”

A list of projects has been developed indicating the work that elected officials would like to see completed over the course of renovations.

Pulaski County Council President Jerry Sullivan has spoken with the maintenance crew about the engineering firm’s visit. No budget has been set in place and a bidding process for plans prior to renovations has not been addressed.

Johnston says changes would need oversight by the County Commissioners.

“They’re going to put a plan together that I’ll bring to you guys for your changes and your approval,” says Johnston. “But that’s the start of the process.”

No action was taken by the County Commissioners on Monday night.