Pulaski County Recommends E-Poll Book Purchase


Plenty of consideration has led to a recommendation from the Pulaski County Election Board to purchase E-poll books.

The Election Board met Wednesday morning to further discuss using the devices in Pulaski County’s election activities. Starke and Marshall County’s have proposed similar measures.

The devices are designed to make the voting process more streamlined on Election Day by having voters swipe a card to help confirm their identifying information.

The devices will likely be costing the county, assuming their use is approved by the Pulaski County Commissioners and Council at their next meeting.

The Election Board has included the price of the devices in their fiscal year budget. Preparations for next year’s expenses are already being made.

Yesterday’s meeting also brought further discussion of utilizing vote centers in Pulaski County. The process would establish voting sites as normal but allow anyone, regardless of where they live in Pulaski County, to vote at the voting center site.

The Plan will be presented at a public hearing next week before final approval by the Pulaski County Commissioners.