Road Paving Bid Chosen During Special Board of Public Works Meeting Monday Morning

roadworkFour streets in the city of Knox are scheduled for paving but first things first, who will do it? The roads planned for paving are Lake Street, East Street, Potter Street and Myrtle Court. Three bids were on the table during the board of public works meeting called specifically for this item. The three companies under deliberation were Walsh & Kelly Inc., Rieth-Riley Construction Company and E&B Paving.

Walsh & Kelly charges $84 to $89.25 per ton and would require a total of $90,578.25 to pave all four roads. Rieth-Riley charges $65 per ton and would run the city $72,576 total. E&B Paving charges $71.74 per ton and would need $71,990 to get the job done. Though E&B Paving charges more than Rieth-Riley per ton, they would require less materials for the work. The board unanimously went with the bid from E&B Paving.

Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg explained that E&B Paving has provided quality work for the city in the past and expects no problems with these contractors.