Sandra Lee’s Studio of Dance 37th Recital: Imagination

1imaginationSandra Lee’s Studio of Dance has put on nearly four decades of recitals. This year’s 37th annual show includes a variety of dances performed by students of all ages.

Head dance instructor and owner Sandra “Miss Sandie” Martinkus, explained this year’s theme and how she hopes the audience will get swept away with the show, “This year our show is titled ‘Imagination’ and uses creativity to let the audience escape the hustle and bustle of real life and to use their imagination like when they were children.”

The show begins with an opening number that highlights different dance styles choreographed by Miss Sandie’s daughter, Knox Community Elementary School teacher Allison Martinkus. The show will also include a narrative theater number featuring elementary, middle and high schoolers as well as adults. A glow-in-the-dark dance is planned as well as a the usual tiny-tot performances. Other dances include lyrical, jazz, ballet and various cultural dances such as Middle-Eastern and Tahitian and a Christian number preceding the finale.

Miss Sandie said her favorite part of the process is watching everything come together after months of preparation. Local dancers ranging from 3 to 50 years old will be a part of the performance where they finally have a chance to display their determination and dedication to family and friends.

Miss Sandie explained “Our students come from Starke, Marshall, and Pulaski county and they’ve put a lot of time and effort and hard work to create something to make their parents and community proud. So we’d like you to come out and support our students this weekend.

Miss Sandie’s dance studio focuses on providing a place where children and the young at heart can come together and celebrate life through dance. Saturday June 13th the show begins at 6:30 pm and on Sunday June 14th a matinee show is scheduled to commence at 2 pm. The “Imagination” recital takes place in the Knox High School Auditorium and there is a $6 admission fee.