Starke County EMS Looking at New Billing Software


Starke County EMS needs new billing software to replace an obsolete program. However, the software package the state recommends costs quite a bit of money to purchase and maintain.

The Image Trend software costs $14,000 in the first year and $6,000 a year after that, according to information shared with the Starke County Commissioners. EMS Director Keith Emigh told them the software offers the best option for connecting the department’s medical and billing functions.

Right now the department’s billing software is paid for out of the county’s information technology budget. The commissioners suggested Emigh talk to IT director Joe Short about adding money to the proposed budget for the upcoming year and also see if grant money is available.

Emigh also told the commissioners the recent change of oxygen tank suppliers saved $800 in April. He says that money will help pay for recent big-ticket repairs at the three EMS bases. These include replacing a water heater, garage and bay window doors, a door at the Knox base and a new refrigerator. Additional funds for those one-time projects will also be transferred from the ambulance maintenance budget.