Video Surveillance Obtained in Mysterious 911 Call in LaPorte County


The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department says they have found further evidence in the case of a mysterious phone call received on Friday.

That phone call was thought to be a woman claiming she needed help at a LaPorte County Harley-Davidson store. Investigators believe they heard a male voice in the background in what they called a “disturbance” at the time.

By working with the Harley-Davidson and nearby Honda dealerships, the Sheriff’s Department was able to locate video of the incident. In the video, the individuals were spotted and are believed to be in their 30’s. Both had short, dark hair and left the motorcycle dealership with the female driving.

The vehicle in question was parked in the parking lot of the Harley dealership for about 20 minutes. The male victim was standing outside the vehicle for a good portion of that prior to leaving in the car.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department says they do not believe there have been any criminal violations at this time. They continue to follow-up to ensure to the safety of the female caller.