West Central Parents, Students Overwhelmingly Support E-Learning Days


West Central students and parents responded favorably to a recent survey about the four e-learning days the corporation scheduled in lieu of extending the school year. Superintendent Don Street says they tried to make the online lessons as user friendly as possible.

“We did it on Saturdays so students had the opportunity to come to school if they needed to. Lessons were posted on Thursday. We worked closely with the Indiana Department of Education and many schools that have done it for several years, so overall it was positive for us.”

This was West Central’s first time trying e-learning. In the past the corporation extended the school year if all built-in makeup days were used.

Street adds the teachers put a lot of effort into e-lesson planning and tweaked things as they went along. The first time lessons were made available on Friday, but they decided to share them on Thursdays instead to give students more time to get work done. Assignments were due the following Monday.

Street says the scheduling of e-learning days next year will depend on how much school West Central misses due to inclement weather and how many e-learning days the state authorizes.