WKVIdol Signing Competition Sign-ups


It is that time of year again, WKVI is on the search for Starke County’s next singing sensation. The WKVIdol contest will take place during the Starke County 4-H fair on Monday July 13 at 8 pm. The competition for kids is divided into three different age groups with a maximum of 4 contestants per group. The age groups are ages 15 through 18, 11 through 14 and 7 through 10. If there are more than 4 entries for an age group, pre-screening will determine who will be entered into the competition, as judged by WKVI staff and management.

To start the qualifying process, submit a demo with your contact information, include your name, address, email, phone number and singing sample. Your sample should be no longer than one minute. You can submit by email, wkvidol@wkvi.com, CD audio, or an mp3 file. If you are selected to participate, keep in mind that duplicate songs will not be allowed. As a part of your entry, please list your top 3 family friendly songs that you’d like to sing in order of preference.

Deadline for entries is July 3rd. The earlier you submit your demo, the better chance you’ll get to sing your favorite song. Submitting a demo gives WKVI permission to play all or part of it on the air. If a demo is played it doesn’t necessarily mean that person will make the final 4. Your demo may be used in other ways to promote WKVIdol.