Would You Walk 500 Miles?

movingstarkeforwardIf you could lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity by implementing exercise into your daily regiment, why wouldn’t you? What if I told you aside from improving your health, you could also potentially win prizes, feeling more motivated? Moving Starke County forward is a local initiative that lasts all summer long, aimed at getting members of the county up and moving.

Irene Szakonyi, a representative for the organization, explained the goal of the program, “Our mission at moving Starke County Forward is to improve the quality of life by encouraging, creating and advocating for a healthy Starke County.”

Participants are asked to log their daily steps with the help of a pedometer or step-counting app on your phone. There is no requirement of how many steps you should take but for reference, there are about 2,000 steps in 1 mile so in order to walk 5 miles a day you would have to take approximately 10,000 steps. The most current challenge is the Hamlet 500 and the goal is to rack up 500 miles overall by the end of June.

Szakonyi said why Starke County citizens should be motivated to join the challenge, “During the Hamlet 500, the highest racked up miles for an individual and for a team get Starke County T-shirts but during the entire challenge we’re tracking miles for individuals and teams and you could actually win some great NASCAR themed merchandise or a fantastic NASCAR experience at the Chicago Speedway.”

Individuals or teams can sign up to participate on Facebook, by emailing movingscforward@gmail.com or at any of Starke County Public Libraries. Miles or steps can be turned in through email, at the Starke County Pulic Libraries or at City Hall in Knox. Last year the team at WKVI logged the most miles, give us a run for our money this year and start logging your steps today.