Annual Event Puts New Location on Display

The Starke County Historical Society plans to move into this building on South Heaton Street over the summer months.
The Starke County Historical Society plans to move into this building on South Heaton Street

An annual event will have a new atmosphere this weekend in Knox.

The Starke County Historical Society will be hosting its ice cream social – which takes place the first Sunday in July.

The event typically invites the public to view various exhibits and displays at the museum and find out more about the work being conducted. This year, however, the public is invited to tour the Historical Society’s new museum location.

Vice President Jim Shilling says the location doesn’t have much in it right now.

“It’s a nice building, good parking lot and so forth and we’re kind of excited about it,” says Shilling. “I thought people would like to see it, so we moved the ice cream social down there this year so I people will enjoy looking around, and maybe next year we’ll have some things in it.”

The new museum building, while currently empty, is the future home of the Starke County Historical Society. It’s located in the 1500 block of S. Heaton Street just North of the Lutheran Church in Knox. The building was previously owned by Dr. Walter Fritz who oversaw a family medical practice.

Displays will still be present, including: antique cars, tractors, an old 1950’s Cushman Motor Scooter. Arrowhead displays are also often a part of the gathering.

Shilling says there’s still planning to do before the move can take place.

“There’s a lot of individual little rooms in there for the doctor to use, the exam rooms, and we may use some of those as exhibit areas,” says Shilling. “We may be tearing a wall or two out here and there to make a larger space. We’re doing a lot of planning right now.”

Shilling says the public may even have suggestions for where to put the displays during their visit this Sunday.

The public can view the new location on Sunday between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 CDT.