Culver Considers Changes to Lawn Care Ordinance

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council could soon be considering revisions to its ordinance dealing with lawn care.

At their previous meeting, the Town Council had an exchange of words with a property owner over an alleged ordinance violation. The homeowner’s grass was considered too long to be in compliance.

Culver’s current ordinance language says lawns have to be cut every 30 days starting in May, and continuing until the grass is no longer growing for the year. Ambiguous language may allow a homeowner to cut the lawn only once in that time frame, leaving the property an eyesore, but still in compliance. 

The Town Council is currently working with administration and the Town Attorney to revise the ordinance language, and to provide for grass length requirements. Exactly what those recommendations will be is not known at this time.

 Calls to Town Council members requesting additional comment were not returned. The changes will be proposed during the next Culver Town Council meeting.