Culver Looks to Revamp Fees, Gain Additional Information on Flouride

culver town hall

An item tabled for several weeks will come back for additional comments during tonight’s Culver Town Council meeting.

Prior to the regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30 EDT, the Town Council will hold a work session to discuss changes to its permitting process. The fees being charged were requested to be changed due to Culver reliance on Marshall County for certain inspections.

During the meeting, however, a public hearing will be held on the use of fluoride in the Town’s water supply. Flouride is used to help treat tooth decay and has received strong support from area dentists during the discussion.

The Town Council says they still want additional input before deciding whether to include the product in the design of their upgraded water treatment facility. Currently, plans call for a less corrosive form of fluoride that helps prevent damage to the water treatment facility.