Culver Town Council Recommends Flouride in Water Supply

culver town hall

Weeks of deliberating has led the Culver Town Council to decide on a major public health issue.

During last night’s meeting, a public hearing was held where Town Council members could hear from members of the public on whether to use fluoride in the Town’s water treatment process. Flouride is often used in the prevention of tooth decay.

Culver resident Susan Beggs says this is a matter of personal choice.

“I still firmly believe that mass fluoridation of our drinking water is unnecessary and outdated,” says Beggs. “The public as a whole is more in favor of reducing additives in their water, and their food.”

Opinions expressed during Tuesday’s meeting were largely split, but dental and public health experts were overwhelmingly in favor of using the treatment.

Consuming fluoride not only applies a topical treatment to the teeth, but also implements systemic treatments that aids in the development of healthy teeth in children. The Town is in the process of constructing a new water treatment facility. Financing and other plans were underway, but engineers left the decision on whether to use fluoride up to the Town.

Dr. Tom Pedavoli is a dentist in Plymouth. He says the evidence supports fluoride as a safe way to improve public health.

“The optimal fluoridation of municipal water supplies is one of the safest and most cost effective public health measures for preventing, controlling, and in some cases reversing tooth decay,” says Pedavoli.

After more than 10 individuals expressed an opinion on the issue of fluoride, the Town Council felt it necessary to make a decision.

On a 3-2 vote, the Culver Town Council voted to use fluoride in their water treatment process. Members Dave Beggs and Sally Ricciardi voted against using fluoride.