Eastern Pulaski Community School Board Discusses Renovations and Additional Positions


The Eastern Pulaski Community School Board met last night for their final meeting of the summer. The Board unanimously approved a number of items on the agenda including a base bid of approximately $2.6 million for the elementary school renovation contract.

Rusty Nichols, the head of engineering with Gibraltar Design, informed the board that the contractor being suggested for the elementary project was the same one that is being used for the current High School /Middle School building project. During the meeting Nichols said, “The low bidder/successful bidder that we’ve recommended is Larson Danielson who, coincidentally is doing the work here at the high school and I think is doing a good job up to this point…two of the three contractors will be consistent between the two buildings which we found there’s some inherent benefit there most of the time”.

Superintendent Dan Foster explained that with the board’s approval Larson Danielson would take the general elementary school renovation contract and sub specifics, such as mechanical and technological projects out to alternate companies. The board unanimously approved to accept the base bid and alternates one through three. Alternates four through eight were advised to be taken under further consideration.

The board also unanimously approved the proposal for asbestos removal and awarded the contract to AirCo. However, there was one area where the board was not in complete agreement.

Under the action to approve job descriptions for the positions of technology data specialist and director of curriculum and assessment the board voted 5-1 for the technology data specialist and 3-3 for the addition of a director of curriculum and development. Since there was a majority vote for the first position, Katie DeGroot was approved to have her current position redefined as technology data specialist despite board member Larry Beach being in opposition. It was Beach’s opposition plus Mike Tetzloff and Tim Rausch also voting no that didn’t allow the addition of position of Director of Curriculum and Development.

Superintendent Foster ended the meeting by announcing some important beginning of the school year information. The registration date for new students is the Friday, July 31. Returning students can register August 3 through the 5. Freshman orientation falls on Tuesday, August 4. Meet the Teacher night is Tuesday, August 11 and the first day back for students is Wednesday, August 12.