Facing Flooding Repairs, Pulaski County Inquires About Insurance Options

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County has expressed an interest in possibly insuring certain pieces of their infrastructure.

During Monday night’s Commissioner’s meeting, it was learned that sufficient damage may have been incurred as a result of flooding to be reimbursed the cost of repairs by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Commission President Larry Brady says a policy may be worth a look.

“If we hit just $40-thousand [in repairs], and the minimum is $47-thousand, boom, that’s right off of our budget,” says Brady.

A determination on disaster aid for Pulaski County is currently being reviewed by FEMA’s District 5 office in Chicago.

To help mitigate the financial risks that come along with unanticipated weather events, the commissioners asked their insurance representative if something exists to help reimburse the cost of road repairs.

Pulaski County EMA Director Larry Hoover says there are more problems with the threshold.

“The other problem is that even though we hit that threshold, if there’s not enough statewide to hit that threshold, there’s nothing,” says Hoover.

The cost of simply having a policy may be considered too cost prohibitive to move forward with insuring county infrastructure.

No action was taken by the Commissioners.