Hamlet Town Board Discusses Employee Health Care

Hamlet Town HallEmployee family health care was discussed at Wednesday’s meeting of the Hamlet Town Board. No decision was made. The consulting contract with Ameriprize, represented by Mitch Siemens, for employee retirement plans, was extended for another two years.

Discussion was held on the purchase of body armor for the police department, with a decision to possibly include money in next year’s budget to equip the force.

The Board took action on involvement in several community events, including the approval of acquiring traffic signs for the Starke County fair area and determining a route for the 5K run through the town during next month’s Yellowstone Trail Fest.

When the Zoning Board convened, the condition of four houses in the town and their removal was again discussed. The owners had already been notified that the condition of their buildings were in violation of the local zoning code.