Investigation Not Yet Complete for Winamac Eagles Fire

Winamac EaglesOfficials will continue their investigation Friday following a major fire at the Winamac Fraternal Order of Eagles Post #2580.

It took firefighters from multiple agencies about 10 hours to extinguish flames and contain hotspots in the rubble. Responders were able to leave the scene around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation. Winamac Volunteer Fire Chief Bill Weaver says the site has been blocked off with tape to prevent individuals from interfering with the scene while an inquiry is ongoing. State Fire Marshals have been called to the scene to help complete the investigation.

Starting Friday, crews can begin moving items inside the building, according to Weaver. That will allow officials to better assess the damage and potentially determine a cause. Further results are expected by the afternoon.