Judge Sets Trial for Man Accused of Fleeing from Cops

  A Grovertown man who is accused of backing his car into a Starke County Sheriff’s Deputy following a high-speed chase will go to trial next month on charges stemming from that incident.

Starke Circuit Judge Kim Hall yesterday rejected a second guilty plea from 35-year-old Paul Coffin. He’s charged with possession of methamphetamine, resisting law enforcement, operating a vehicle dangerously while intoxicated and possession of pseudoephedrine by a meth offender in connection with the Sept. 3 incident on U.S. 30 at 1100 East.

Court documents indicate Starke County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Gray stopped Coffin’s car and was walking toward him when Coffin put it into reverse, backed into Gray’s patrol vehicle and took off again.

Judge Hall previously told Coffin he will not accept a plea agreement for less than the maximum 30 months for that offense. His second plea agreement included a 30 month sentence for resisting law enforcement but lesser sentences for other offenses.

“The court will not accept any plea agreement for Paul Coffin in the future,” Hall said during the hearing before setting the case for trial on Aug. 19. He then ordered Coffin out of the courtroom after he became disruptive and refused to quiet down.

Judge Hall noted Coffin has been in prison three times, has six felony and 19 misdemeanor convictions and has had his probation revoked five times.