Knox Elementary Art Program Faces Uncertain Fate

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox Elementary School MAY or MAY NOT have an art program in the 2015-16 school year. In an action on reduction of force (rif), the administration recommended that cancellation of contracts be approved for two teachers, including that of elementary art teacher Derek Eveland.

Two members of the seven-person board were absent and could not vote on the “rif” recommendation. The motion drew a 3-to-2 vote. Later, the question arose whether a majority (or 4 members) of the 7 board members must vote in favor or against a question for it to be considered valid. The board attorney said he would check with the State to get an official ruling. As it stands, the motion to cancel Mr. Eveland’s contract is believed to have NOT passed.
In the other “rif” action, cancelling the services of Jamie Buchanan, a special needs teacher, was approved in a 5-0 vote.
Six people, including the President of The Knox Federation of Teachers, spoke in favor of retaining the elementary art program. A board member, Gary Dulin, sent a note, which was read to the board, which could be interpreted that he favored retaining Mr. Eveland, had he been there to vote.
Presentations were also made in favor of retaining Mrs. Buchanan in her special needs position.