Little to be Done in Winamac Town Park Flooding

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Flooding along the Tippecanoe River has left the ground saturated in the Winamac Town Park.

According to Town Manager Brad Zellers, however, there’s not much the Town can do to help with the situation. As things stand, water from the river is coming into the back of the park.

Zellers says the Town has tried to stay away from the area.

“We’ve taken two trees down, a couple that have fallen down, but other than that, we’ve really been staying out of the park,” says Zellers.

The park is closed until further notice to prevent vehicle and pedestrian traffic from causing damage to the grounds off the pathways. There is no estimate for when the park might reopen to the public.

Current conditions have caused changes to the Pulaski County Fair locations, but the fair will go on according to officials.

Zellers says the Town and the fair are in communication with one another.

“We wanted to see the fair move forward, it’s going to be limited, but I’ll let them tell you what they plan on doing and how they do it,” says Zellers.

Providing sandbags or conducting other work to help prevent flooding and saturation in the ground will not be undertaken.

According to Zellers, this year’s fireworks show will not be held in the Town Park. An alternative location has not been announced.