N.J.-S.P. School Board Moves Forward With School Funding Referendum

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingThough the school board typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month, the North Judson-San Pierre Board of Trustees held a special school board meeting yesterday evening in which they considered and deliberated the need for a referendum tax levy to carry out their public education duty.

This means that in November the public will be asked to either confirm or deny the implementation of a property tax rate that will not exceed forty-seven and half cents on each one hundred dollars for the purpose of funding the general operations of the North Judson-San Pierre school corporation. This maximum rate will be reviewed annually during the seven calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum. It will never exceed higher than this approved rate but could potentially be lowered based on revenue and expenditures.

Attorney at Law ,Thomas W. Peterson was present and has worked with the school corporation for approximately 15 years. Peterson serves as the bond council for the NJ-SP School Board and essentially described this motion as the corporation taking action to ensure the progression of the schools, “It gets to a point where you start to notice there are different types of education strategies that are being offered at many schools of the same size that you just can’t afford to do.” he explained, “I mean we’re not talking extravagance here, we’re talking about the kind of educational program you want to provide to your students and the question is are you willing to finance that? And this is the way that the state of Indiana says you have to do that.”

A copy of the resolution must be provided to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, the Starke County and Pulaski County Clerks as well as the Auditors of both Starke and Pulaski County for informational purposes only. The resolution must be submitted accordingly in order to have the public question placed on the ballot of the municipal general election on November 3 of this year. From this point on the superintendent and members of the board are authorized and directed to take all steps necessary and prudent to gain passage of this public question.

Prior to referendum discussion the board swore a new member into office and dealt with the organization of the school board. All current positions remained the same except that Michael Shireman will now serve as Secretary of the Board due to Marsha Reinbold’s resignation. The establishment of board member compensation was unanimously accepted to remain the same. The board motioned to table administrative contracts and non-instructional employees salaries pending work session discussions. They will readdress those agenda items during their next school board meeting scheduled for July 14.

The board also established regular board meeting dates and times. Although the summer schedule has been a bit skewed, the board approved to continue holding meetings for the 2015/16 school year in the administrative building on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.