New Laws Effective Wednesday

Indiana Statehouse
Indiana Statehouse

Legislation that allows Indiana residents to legally own a sawed-off shotgun takes effect, today.

Senate Bill 433 is one of several changes to Indiana law made by the General Assembly earlier this year. The bill repeals a prohibition on owning a sawed-off shotgun so long as the weapon is developed by a licensed manufacturer.

The language also makes legal the: sale, importing, and manufacturing of the weapons so long as they are 18 inches or less.

Removal of the prohibition, however, does not come without an increase in potential prison time. A 10 year “enhancement” can now be implemented if an individual is found committing a federal offense while in possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

The bill was supported by State Senator Jim Arnold, but another bill may look to hold public officials more accountable.

Changes to “whistleblower” protections will also take effect, Wednesday.

State Enrolled Act 394, partially authored by State Senator Ed Charbonneau, says that confidentiality and relief will be ensured for individuals reporting malfeasance or other legally questionable actions by public officers to the state board of accounts.

Bill language says an individual could only be identified through a court order.

The state Senate also provided a framework for an examiner to conduct their investigations if an individual or organization accuses a public officer of violating the law.

The bill was signed by Governor Mike Pence in April of this year.