NJ-SP SB Brainstorms Ideas for Political Action Committee to Assist with Referendum

pacFollowing their meeting Monday evening, the NJSP School Board held a work session to discuss the formation of a Political Action Committee. They considered various community members who could potentially be contacted to assist the school with the referendum process. The P.A.C would be responsible for making sure community members are registered to vote and spreading the word about the corporation and why the referendum is needed.

The members of the Political Action Committee will also raise funds for advertising and other items pertaining to the referendum. School funds are not permitted to be used for these purposes. Approximately $2,000 will need to be obtained through various fundraisers to have an adequate amount of money for advertising. The P.A.C is open to all members of the community. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this committee should express their interest to a member of the NJSP School Corporation by calling 574-896-2155.