NJSP School Board Reviews 2016 Budget Estimates


The North Judson-San Pierre School Board is preparing for fiscal year 2016.

A special budget work session meeting was held on Wednesday night where school Treasurer Guy Richie presented year-over-year comparisons. The school corporation is anticipating about $8-million in General Fund expenditures for 2016 – a much reduced figure from the $11-million expended during 2012.

Richie says every year, the school corporation should look at its staffing levels.

“Obviously whatever staff we need, it may be sad to say that we have to let go of some people time to time because we’re shrinking,” says Richie. It’s just that now the financial situation is now a drastic thing. It should probably be done every January, February, around that time frame.”

Last year total revenues fell short by about $1-million. Those reductions have been seen due to lower state funding and other factors. That has left the school corporation with few choices but to drain about 75-percent of its cash reserve over the last several years.

School Board members reviewed the proposed appropriations for 2016, last night. What happens to the school corporation’s referendum to raise the property tax levy will determine whether key services and activities are continued.

Superintendent Lynn Johnson says special education is not on the chopping block.

“We have to pay that, I mean that’s not an option,” says Johnson. “But we will have to reduce staff, salary and benefits, a lot.”

Some monies could become available in 2017 in the school corporation’s debt service fund. Transportation funds are considered healthy at this time.

Without increased revenue from a referendum passage, however, positions and activities would indeed be reduced. Revenue generating activities may see priority.

North Judson-San Pierre’s budget is anticipated for adoption by the school board on September 15th.