North Judson Completes Truck Route Signs

The former First Farmers Bank and Trust building on Lane Street in North Judson will soon be the town hall.

The Town of North Judson has now finalized signs specifying where trucks can travel.

Town Council members approved an ordinance earlier this year creating a route that commercial trucking vehicles can travel while within the town limits. The ordinance not only helps prevent traffic issues, but also helps maintain the quality of North Judson’s roads.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says some of the signs were put up earlier in the year.

“We have several signs throughout the thoroughfare of Highway 10, you know, and on some residential streets it says: no trucks, or whatever,” says Henry. “But then we’ve got directional signs for where the truck route actually is.”

It was reported during this week’s meeting by Town Marshall Doug Vessely that the final signs specifying the route have been installed.

The route largely travels to the industrial area of North Judson. Other businesses receiving products from commercial truck traffic are expected to only travel to the point nearest to the business and then use the local roads.

Henry says the signs also specify which industrial areas the trucks are traveling to.

“We’ve put up a couple of signs that indicate: Industrial Park or American Oak so that the truck drivers know ‘okay this is the route to take me there’,” says Henry.

Other signs have been installed detailing where residential neighborhoods are located and that truck traffic is disallowed from traveling.

No action was taken by the North Judson Town Council.