North Judson Surplus to Be Sold During Townwide Yard Sale

North Judson Water TowerAt their Monday evening meeting, the North Judson Town council spoke about excess items in the former fire department building which is now the community center. Some old items have accumulated in the building and are no longer being used. The Council decided to include these items in the town-wide yard sale on August 8th.

The town-wide yard sale is open to the public but in order to be an official part of the sale you must first have proper authorization. Town Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the cost for a required permit has been reduced this year, “They have to come into our office and purchase a permit, and the fee is five dollars for the one day, that’s reduced from ten dollars for the town-wide yard sales.”

Maps will be available displaying the different spots around town that are hosting their own yard sales. Henry said there is a final day to sign-up to have your spot put on the map, “The deadline to be on the map is August 4th. If they want they can give us like their top 5 items that we list on the map as well.”

Any North Judson resident living within city limits or on the outskirts is permitted to participate in the town-wide sale. People living in the outer limits of town can also be put on the map, pending available space. Residents must provide their name and address in order to be included on the map. Big ticket items can also be included to get the word out about what will be at your sale.