Oregon-Davis Officials Prepare for Start of School

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingSchool’s starting earlier this year, but the Oregon-Davis School Corporation is ready. That’s the message superintendent Greg Briles gave the school board Monday. He told board members the schools are fully staffed.

Students returning to school August 4 can expect to see several improvements. New minibuses have arrived, the parking lot’s been repaved, upgrades have been made to the swimming pool, restrooms, and locker rooms, and new lockers should be installed just in time for classes to start. Additionally, office areas have gotten new carpeting and paint.
As the improvements are being made, the school corporation will be auctioning old equipment that it no longer needs over the next few days.
During the meeting, the school board approved the adoption of new Social Studies text books and materials, but they might not arrive in time for the first day of classes. The vote would have taken place back in May, but the materials didn’t arrive in time to be reviewed.