Park Board Notes Improvements at Bass Lake Beach

The Bass Lake Beach is scheduled to open for the season this weekend.

The progress of maintenance and capital improvements at the Bass Lake Beach were reviewed with lessee Richard Callahan when the Starke County Park Board convened last evening. Callahan was accompanied by his legal counsel, David Wallsmith. Callahan reported that 10 tons of sand and 10 tons of asphalt grindings has been spread to improve the grounds and that 45 picnic tables had been repaired.

Painting of the grounds buildings has not yet begun. Mr. Callahan reported that an anonymous donor has offered to supply the necessary paint and that he is looking for volunteers to apply it.

The board asked that in future improvement projects, several quotes be obtained before work is started and that more detailed receipts for work done be submitted to them for approval.

A Bass Lake Beach patron appeared to report an alleged failure of the beach pier system that resulted a fall into the water. The patron has since asked for a refund of docking fees. Mr. Callahan agreed to a $425 refund.

A further discussion of the details of the matter developed into heated exchanges. Mr. Wallsmith then reminded the board that such discussion items should be given in writing in advance to Mr. Callahan. The board agreed.

An agenda item concerning a beaver dam in the Starke County Forest in Washington Township, was continued when those expected to provide professional input were not in attendance.