Partial Flooding Remains a Problem in Winamac Town Park

winamactownparkOn account of the Winamac Town Park’s proximity to the Tippecanoe river and the sporadic storms that have continuously spotted the summer, the Town of Winamac has been dealing with flooding in the back of the park for weeks now. This year the Pulaski County Fair had to implement an adjusted schedule due to flooding issues, the same thing had to happen two years ago as well.

Town Manager Brad Zellers said that as of Wednesday, the ground was still quite saturated but has begun drying in certain areas further from the river. Zellers said due to the fact that the park is located in a low area, there is little that can be done in regards to pumping water out. They have to rely on the cooperation of mother nature in order for the grounds to dry out completely. For now particularly wet parts of the park towards the back are closed off to the public. There are a few limited spaces, including the shelters towards the front of the park, that are open for community members to use again.