Pulaski County Gauging Business Interest in Former Sportsman’s Site

sportsmans chain link fenceThe rubble at the site of the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill remains according to officials with Pulaski County.

The building, owned by Courtney Hardin, collapsed earlier this year, prompting health and safety concerns in Monterey. The building is owned by an individual in Culver, but according to Pulaski County Commissioners, few are taking responsibility to clean-up the site.

County Building Inspector Dave Dare says a discrepancy on who will pay for the clean-up is impeding progress.

“We were hoping that maybe somebody from the Town of Monterey could step up and possible make a deal with Courtney Hardin to purchase it, or get it, and maybe the commissioners could work with them to get it cleaned-up,” says Dare.

Pulaski County has repeatedly stated they are not responsible for the clean-up of the site, despite the fact that asbestos has allegedly been located.

The site was tested for hazardous materials and a fence was erected to ensure the public stays away from the site. The fence was block the road adjacent to the structure, and despite Pulaski County considering a request to move the fence, it was moved without approval.

Dare says the individual responsible may have done the County a favor.

“I have no reason, I guess, at this point to go over there and move it back,” says Dare.

Calls to the Town of Monterey were not returned.

Pulaski County has delivered e-mails that were described as “feelers” to business owners with the hope someone will purchase the site. So far, no interest has been expressed.